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iLogos company is a leader of the independent game development in Europe. Since 2006, we provide first-class services for the production of software for social gaming, browser, mobile and cross-platform games. Over the years, our experienced team has successfully implemented more than 300 projects of varying complexity and scale, which totals over 200 million installations. Here are just some of the games that we have developed: Shadow Boxing, 11x11, Pickup, Farmers Territory, World of Tanks: Reporting, Megapolis, Puzzle Wars, Vector, Deputy. Offices are located in Germany and Ukraine, and business representatives of the company spread throughout the world. Our partners include:Peak Games, Playdom, Disney Interactive, Wargaming, National Geographic, 6waves, FreshPlanet, Youdagames.

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  • Миланин Александр:
    ||||| 9 (10%)
  • Бондаренко Наталья:
    |||||| 11 (12%)
  • Шмелёв Алексей:
    || 3 (3%)
  • Неспирный Виталий:
    ||| 5 (5%)
  • Агапов Геральд:
    |||| 7 (8%)
  • Фефер Иван:
    | 2 (2%)
  • Куликов Егор:
    || 3 (3%)
  • Гольдштейн Виталий:
    |||||||||| 20 (22%)
  • Рипатти Артём:
    0 (0%)
  • Копелиович Сергей:
    |||||||||||||||| 31 (34%)
Votes total: 91

P.S. Теперь вы можете проголосовать из андроид-приложения Зимней школы

Results of the Winter School

Feb. 25, 2013, 8:21 p.m.

The Winter School has came to the and. At this year took part 108 teams (24...

Results of the ninth day

Feb. 25, 2013, 4 a.m.

Ninth day of contests in Winter school on programming has passed. At this day the...

Lecturer of 9th day : Sergey Kopeliovich

Feb. 24, 2013, 7 p.m.

Kopeliovich Sergey. Born in St. Petersburg in 1989. Finished physical-mathematics lyceum № 30. In 4-6 classes...

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